Olivander Has Nothing On Us

My eldest grew up as the Harry Potter series came out so she is particularly nostalgic for all things Harry Potter.   And since she is home from school for the Summer after being away at college for the year, I am particularly nostalgic for doing silly fun things together.   She found some directions for making magic wands using dowel rods and hot glue and has been begging us all to sign up for the Harry Potter online sight Pottermore so that we can be “assigned” our wand and then we can make them.   I’ve had great intentions, but this project kept getting put on the backburner until I realized she leaves for college again in 2 weeks.  Wah.

So we all signed up for Pottermore accounts and got wands and got sorted and I went to the money pit that is Michaels crafts and got supplies— Dowell rods, glue sticks and a couple of shades of brown craft paint.

Alex’s wand from Olivanders on Pottermore

We used this graphic for directions: http://majann.deviantart.com/art/Wands-tutorial-195270444

Our “wands” were cut based on the size we were given on Pottermore and we used a thicker dowel for those of us whose wands were “unbending” and a thinner one for those that were “flexible.”

Remember now, it aint called “hot” glue for nothin’!

After letting the hot glue heat up we basically just started glopping it on at the handle.   Then we added beads for texture and decoration and some of us more and less successfully tried to shape the cooling glue.   Newsflash—hot glue is hot.   During the process I was wondering how hot glue came to be recommended for this—it really is uncomfortable and difficult to work with.  But, it dried very light and didn’t weigh down the handle like air dry clay would have and it painted up nicely.

Look at that focus!

After letting the glue completely dry we painted them brown.   The shades of brown we, of course, based on the wood type listed on our Pottermore wands.

I know, they look like gloopy messes now but wait till they are painted!

After painting, they all looked pretty cool and all look very unique.   Even though the hot glue WAS a bit difficult to work with, it was a quick and easy project and we all ended up with something we were happy with.

Ok, Maybe Olivander has a little something on us, but they look pretty cool even if there isn’t actually a dragon heartstring core.


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