Outside Art

It’s really odd to make a piece of art that is supposed to looked weathered, worn, and like it’s seen one too many rain storms in it’s day. Truth is, the artwork on the outside of my house was made in my air conditioned workshop and, seeing as we are in a drought, hasn’t seen much rain at all.

To start, I took 2 scrap boards. As you can likely tell, not only were they end pieces too small to use for much, they were also dinged end pieces. They were perfect for my brand new old artwork. Using the dinged side as my surface (sooooo counter intuitive!) I spray painted one pink and the other a variety of colors. I slapped on some vinyl sticky birds-on-a-wire and spray painted another color on top (silver with the pink and black with the multi-color). I peeled the stickers off and voila! Almost.

Then I ran some sandpaper lightly along the edge to pull up a little of the paint. And then voila!

For those wondering why I used those expensive vinyl wall stickers for a cheap project, let me assure you that they were not expensive. The whole roll was $2.50 on clearance. Sweet deal. The wood was scrap and the paint was, as always, leftovers.

Now for the hanging. This depends on your exterior. I have brick with deep spaces where the mortar is. I simply hammered a few small nails on the backs of these and slide them in between the brick. If you have wood siding, you can easily hang them with a nail and some twine. I don’t know about those fancy dancy sidings.

The bush to the right of the picture is proof of the drought.

Whether it rains or snows or if we are entering Dust Bowl part deux, I have bright birds outside making my yard a little happier… if not any wetter.


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