Celebrate Book Lovers Day!

Today is National Book Lovers Day!

What are you going to do to celebrate?

I invited families from our homeschool group over to my house to feast on fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh ideas. Each kid will bring a favorite book to share and we will have story time until I lose my voice… or the interest of the participating children.

Books my family will be contributing to the read-a-thon:

And, of course, any of the other million books on our shelves. But these are 3 of my kids’ must-reads.  The book I recommend as a must-read would probably go right over the younger kids’ heads, but I highly recommend it to the rest of you. In fact, I highly recommended it to a lady in line at Costco and anyone else where I can find time to mention it.

How will you celebrate Book Lovers Day? What books are on your must-read list?


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