Map Memory Coasters

On a recent trip to Maine we made the mistake of stopping in a little artsy store of Maine themed souvenirs (but think classy not plastic lobster).    One of the things that caught my eye were tile coasters with maps of Maine printed on them.  I love maps.  I love trips.  I hate drink rings on my end tables.  I immediately thought, that’s perfect and adorable—and then I saw the $20 price tag. My next thought was no way am I spending $20 on that—I can make that!

And I came home and got sidetracked and didn’t make them.  Until today!    Instead of just using maps of Maine I decided to pick some of our favorite vacations and do a different trip on each tile.

Supplies needed–tiles, mod podge and applicator brush, felt protector tabs and pictures

My original plan was to cut up maps I’d saved from these locations and mod podge them onto the tile.  Have I mentioned I love maps?  When it came down to it I couldn’t bring myself to cut up my maps.  But, I have google and I have photoshop so it was super easy to find some.  I printed them onto cardstock becauase I’m a sloppy mod-podger and cardstock wrinkles less.

Felt protectors in each corner

After adding the felt tabs I just mod podged a map onto each tile.   The cardstock was so easy to work with.  This was such a cheap project.  Since I already had mod podge in my craft supplies and I had some tiles left over from a project, my only cost was about $2 for the felt tabs.   If I’d had to buy the tiles it would have been another couple bucks (they were .35 each). This could easily be modified to be a great gift idea.

The finished project

I chose maps from some of our most memorable vacations.   I had a few picked out for that sixth tile, but they weren’t the favorites that the other five were so I left one blank for adventures yet to come. It’s a not so subtle hint to my hubby that we need to focus on that vacation fund.


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