New Dress A Day in Book Format!

Some of you may remember back in my “Ticking Time Bomb Molten Lava Cake” post that I’m a big fan of Marisa Lynch and her “New Dress a Day” project. If you’re not in the know, Marisa is a woman who needed a creative outlet in her life. After watching Julie and Julia, she found her inspiration. She decided to make herself a new piece of clothing every day for 365 days, on a budget of $365, or $1/day. Most, if not all of her creations came from thrift store redos. And she did it.

Some of Marisa’s before and afters.

I’ve said it before, but what I find to be inspiring about her is that she stuck to her goal, and she saw it through to the end. She wasn’t being paid for it, she didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, she just did it. I started following her around day 180, and I wondered each day as I checked in if she’d really keep it up. I’m telling you, her dedication and determination inspired me in so many ways.

Now she has a book coming out!!! I’m so excited! I just pre-ordered it on Amazon. It will be released Oct. 16th. Normally, I’d check a book like this out at the library, but I want to own this one. It’s partly because I love craft books, and I already know I love looking at all her awesome creations, but it’s mostly because I want to support her. I want to see her be wildly successful, make oodles of dollars, and travel all over the world sharing her passion. I think it’s ’cause I feel like that could be me one day. Well, that is, if I can ever focus my energy and find something to pursue beyond the fleeting, 101 level…

The cover–Click to go to Marisa’s website

So, if it sounds like something that might interest you, help me support Marisa by ordering her book. Or, you could ask your local library to carry it.


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