Duct Tape Super Heroes

Since Charlie posted on how to make duct tape fabric, I thought I’d share the Halloween costumes I made for myself and Oliver (my little one) back in 2010.

He’s Bottle Boy! (Max, who was almost 9 at the time came up with the name.) He’s not very happy, ’cause we had to wake him up from a late nap to get him dressed and ready to go trick-or-treat.

And I am Mega Mom!

You can see my “M” a little better here.

Making the costumes was pretty simple. Once you know how to make duct tape fabric, as Charlie described, you can do just about anything. I just treated it like a sewing project, only one that was way more forgiving, and that I didn’t have to, you know, sew. You simply have to tape the seams together to get them to stay.

For the bodice, I traced a onesie and made it a little bigger since it wouldn’t stretch. You can see here that the cape is, at this point, just a big, rectangular piece of “fabric”. I then cut it to the size and shape I wanted.

Here’s his finished costume. He ended up not liking the snugness, so I cut out the back of the bodice, and just used some extra tape to secure it to his shirt once I had it on him. There was only a single piece of tape holding the crotch in place, so I was still able to easily change diapers.

Here’s the back of the costume, in action.

Bottle Boy, taking a break from heroing to enjoy a power snack.

I just used leftover duct tape for my costume. It stuck very well to my white t-shirt, and when I peeled it off, it came right off without leaving any residue.


4 thoughts on “Duct Tape Super Heroes

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    • I got all mine at Michael’s. If I remember correctly, I only bought one roll of each. I may have needed an extra roll of red, but I had originally made the cape way too big, and ended up cutting it down.


  2. this is awesome 😀 i bet you i could use this as a base for making boots if you put some fabirc on it it would look awesome for my cosplay!!!!!

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