Thai Coconut Corn Soup

Isn’t it pretty and full of Summer color? My kids literally lick the bowl and fight over any leftovers. Of course, they are one step from feral, so that isn’t terribly surprising.

Cooking soup this time of year?    I don’t know how we decided this was  a Summer soup—it is served warm—but something about the highlight of Summer vegetable stars crunchy corn and red peppers and the fact that it takes like 10 minutes to cook has made this the one soup recipe that makes it on the menu in the heat of Summer.

Thai Coconut Corn Soup


Olive or coconut oil

1 can coconut milk (go for the full fat—you’ll thank me for it)

1 cup milk (or chicken broth or milk substitute of your choice)

1 red pepper

4 green onions, diced with greens and whites separated.

3 cloves garlic

Olive oil

1 bag of frozen corn (Trader Joes roasted corn is my fave and of course sub fresh farmer’s market corn if you can!)

2-4 tsp good quality curry powder

Salt to taste

2 tsp cilantro (I usually try to add fresh but my cilantro has bolted in this heat)


Saute the whites of the onions, the garlic,  and the red pepper until soft.  Add remaining ingredients and simmer for five minutes–yes five.    You have the stove turned off before the kitchen becomes an inferno and you become the sweaty chef.

Variations:   Zuchinni or cauliflower make great vegetable additions and diced cooked chicken turns it into a hearty meal.

This is so good and so easy.

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