Foodie Pen Pals

This month, I participated for the first time in the “Foodie Pen Pals” program that was put together by the Lean Green Bean. I first read about it on one of the food blogs I follow, Rantings of an Amateur Chef. He got this super-cool batch of food from a stranger across the country, and I thought, “Hey! I would enjoy that!”

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

1. You sign up.

2. You’re assigned a “pen pal” for the month.

3. You communicate with your pen pal about any food allergies or anything else you need to know.

4. You send $15 worth of food that may include local goodies, homemade goodies, or just some of your favorite things to your pen pal.

5. You receive a package from the person to whom you were assigned.

6. You open said package with glee as you uncover the delectables inside.

7. You blog about the package on the last day of the month.

8. You hold your head high as you are now a little cooler than everyone you know.

There are more details on the website. You must sign up by the 4th of the month if you wish to participate, and every month you have the option to continue.

Here’s what I got this month from Rachael at

She was so considerate about my food allergies, and was really careful about making sure everything was gluten free. That took some extra work on her part, and I can’t say how much I appreciate it.

Smart Puffs— I had never tried them before. They’re a nice salty snack! The whole family liked them. Max, my 10 yr old, said, “We need to get another bag of these right away!” I was glad to see that the bag technically only had 4.5 servings, ’cause we ate the whole thing within about 10 minutes of opening it!

Sriracha— I love the stuff. Absolutely love it. I’ve actually been out for a while, and I can never seem to pick up another bottle, so that was a delightful surprise.

Pamela’s Brownie Mix— Good stuff, and super-handy to have around. Max was particularly excited about this one!

Udi’s Blueberry Muffins— These are sooooooo good. We hardly ever buy them, ’cause they are way too pricey for 4 muffins to buy on a regular basis. However, they are an occasional special treat, and so this was a very special occasion! I’m lucky I was able to get a picture of the contents of the box before they were eaten.

Rick’s Picks Green Beans— It’s like she knows me. This couldn’t be more up my alley. I would say it’s a pregnancy thing, me loving all things pickled and spicy, but it’s pretty much my m.o.. And they taste amazing! They are cripsy, spicy, vinegary, just like a good pickle! They soooo hit the spot.

If you want to know what I sent to my pen pal, you’ll have to read about it on her website, Nutritious Karma. I’m not technically allowed to reveal it, but I will say that I am from Kansas City, and she’s in New York, so I did have to send a little piece of KC in the form of a local barbecue sauce. ;D

This has been a great experience, and while I won’t be participating next month, I will definitely do it at least a few times a year.

Oh yeah, and while it is a great way for bloggers to network, you don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Readers are welcome, too.

Thanks so much to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for organizing this awesome program!


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