Duct tape fabric

I made a cool clutch out of duct tape in a children’s class once. I mean, um, I helped Eden make a cool clutch out of duct tape.

It stays closed using self adhesive velcro. Awesome.

But before you can make something like this, you need to make some fabric. Once you can make your duct tape “fabric,” the world opens to you. Xander made a full cape out of duct tape. It’s pretty versatile.

Happy duct taping!


2 thoughts on “Duct tape fabric

  1. Amazing. I’m going to make an outfit, then a car and go back to the 80’s and get Macguyver to marry me. Thanks, you lot! 😀 (ps if someone in their early 50’s named ‘Mrs Macguyver’ starts commenting on your blog and sending you guys lots of <3's, it'll have worked 😉
    Seriously, what a cool thing to do with tape!

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