Chicken Enchilada Pasta

I plan, shop for, and prepare all meals in our house that do not involve a package of hot dogs or a box of macaroni and cheese. But I get in ruts, and we eat chicken, spaghetti, and take out for weeks. How, oh, how do I get out of this rut? The interwebz. Specifically? Pinterest. More specifically? My husband’s Pinterest board.

Yes, my husband has Pinterest. I think he’s moved on since the novelty wore off. But months ago I noticed my husband pinning different recipes that I knew he had no intention of cooking. Should he have labeled it “recipes for Charlie to make me”? Perhaps. Nevertheless, it worked. I asked him to find a few he wanted me to make and one of them was Chicken Enchilada Pasta.

Yes, I like sour cream. Sue me.

First of all, the source is a blog called Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour. So, obviously, I felt an immediate connection to the blogger. She even uses the Oxford comma. *swoon*

The modifications I made were basic. I substituted the green enchilada sauce for all red enchilada sauce. The reason is simple. I grabbed the wrong cans at the store. Have I ever mentioned my apalling lack of attention to detail? If not, let me mention it now. I  have an appalling lack of attention to detail.

Bonus feature: I used a $5 rotisserie chicken. I used just the white meat so I had the darker meat for some chicken soup for lunch the next day. Also, this recipe makes loads of sauce. My 10 year old suggested we use the leftover sauce over tortilla chips for nachos. And, yes, nachos passes for dinner around here. I managed 3 meals for a family of 6 out of a $5 chicken. WINNING. (Is it too 2011 to say WINNING? I think it is).

This recipe is AMAZING. All of my kids ate it (shock!) and asked me to make it again (awe!). I loved every bite of it, and it was quick and easy. Since it is above and beyond with the carbs in the pasta, and I’m trying to stay away from those, might I suggest some zucchini noodles?

Using a spiral slicer (like the one pictured above which is the one I have), cut up a few large zucchinis. Heat some olive oil and garlic in a pan over medium heat. Toss in the zucchini noodles and stir fry them for 5 minutes. You want the zucchini to stay firm. Serve with the chicken enchilada sauce.


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