Firefly Remembering

We were sitting on the patio watching the full moon rise and listening to the owls call in the distance and a memory from several summers ago hit me. It was in June, very late and as dh and I were going up to bed we saw flashes of light outside in the night. There were literally thousands of fireflies and it looked like a net of stars blinking in the shadows of the tree branches. I snuck into Alex’s room and carried him outside and we lay in the hammock, looking up. He was just this side of sleep and lay with his cheek next to mine, that earthy little boy scent all around and we watched the flickering glow. I felt a little guilty sharing this moment with him while the other two slept, but then I realized that this moment was just ours. He spoke a little, in a quiet voice so unlike his exhuberant daytime voice. We watched for a while until I could hear from the sound of his breathing that he had gone back to sleep. I carefully returned him to bed. The next day he came up to me and hesitantly asked me if I’d taken him outside during the night. I said yes and he said he was glad it was real and not a dream and he gave me a kiss and ran off to play.


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