Charlie’s Gift Ideas

I’m pretty committed to homemade holiday gifts for our families. I figure an ornament, a baked good, and a gift together make a great holiday package. Last year, the gift was homemade vanilla with cute labeled jars. Practical and fun and easy. Yay me.

Here are some homemade gift ideas that I love. Some I have done and some I will do and some I will just look at and say I will do it but never actually get to it. Click on the pictures to go to the tutorials.

The reusable shopping bag made from a tshirt. I’m going to use these as the “wrapping” for the gifts this year.

This super hero fort kit has everything a kid needs to build a fort on the go. And you know that a super hero needs to change locations as to divert suspicion of his or her true identity. That’s why Batman didn’t last a day in the Bat Cave. Oh, wait…

Decoupaged pictures onto canvas. I’m for sure making this for someone who is for sure reading the blog so I will for sure not give any more details of my nefarious plan. And when I say nefarious, I mean generous and loving.

Use a book to make a book that has a secret compartment. My kids will love this. LOVE IT.

Ana White is pretty much my hero, after Helen Keller and Tina Turner. While I haven’t blogged much about it, I’m pretty handy with the power tools. Eden and her dolls would love for me to get around to making some furniture.

I’ve made something similar to this. This journal is a through-the-years journal where you write what you did each day for years. Instead, I stamped 366 cards (Leap Year!) with the date, put them in an index card box, and gifted it as a journal for the year. I made one for Daniél and one for Lars. I decoupaged the card box, of course. And since Daniél and I have lots of adventures to places we can’t seem to find, I used a map to cover her box.

So, where are you on your gift making? I’m as far as blogging about it which is much further than I was this time last year!


5 thoughts on “Charlie’s Gift Ideas

    • Doesn’t it look awesome? I can already feel my shoulders aching from hunching over and cutting and gluing but it’ll be worth it!

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