Christmas Through the Years Photobook

Consider this another installment in the “Lara is nostalgic because her kids are growing up” series.   You can’t beat a photobook as a Christmas gift for relatives because who can you force pictures of your kids onto if not grandparents?

I did combine a few years when I just had Aubrey

Photobooks as a Christmas gift are not a new concept of course and I’ve done photobooks and calendars with photos from the year in the past. This is different in that I went all the way back to Aubrey’s first Christmas and did a page for each year so in one book you can see my kids grow up.

Instead of using prepackaged pages in an online photo program like Shutterfly I created the pages digital scrapbook style on photoshop. Lucky for me I have a photoshop whizz to tutor me (thanks Aubrey!)

This gave me a lot of flexibility in design, but of course made it take much longer.

Another thing I did different with this project is instead of going with a bound photobook, I printed the pages on either 8×8 or 12×12 pages and then used a scrapbook album and slipped the pages in. This way I can do a new page each year and the book can be updated.

It was a great hit as parents and grandparents are just as nostalgic about seeing how the kids are growing up as I am.    It makes a great gift and though it does take time, because I did it on the computer and could make multiple copies I could make several books without additional effort.

If you keep an eye out and get the photo albums when they are on clearance and search for deals on printing photo pages you can make it a very reasonably priced project as well.


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