Homemade Ornaments

It’s Christmas in July here at Three Blind Wives! All this week, we’ll be sharing holiday ideas such as homemade ornaments and gifts. Our hope is to get everyone inspired to work on their holiday projects now so that we’re not all in a panic come November. Today, I’m going to share some homemade ornaments I’ve made. Later in the week, I’ll share some homemade gift ideas.

Pinterest, the giver of ideas and taker of time, gave me the idea for wedding invitation ornaments. It just so happened that my brother got married in November, and I had his invitation on hand right around the time I was saying, “what am I going to give Nick and Amie for Christmas?” It was kismet.

The original instructions had the strips curled up a lot more than I did this one. I wanted the names and place and date to show better. My brother took a picture of it (which is great since I didn’t!).

If you look closely, you can see my brother’s reflection in the ornament.

My next two ideas require sewing. Go ahead. Skim on past if you don’t like to sew a needle pulling thread.

My parents are in the process of moving from suburban Connecticut to rural Missouri so, for their first Christmas in their new home, I made them a set of ornaments. I used fabric that had small panels, which seems to have been created for the sole purpose of ornament making. Or quilting. Probably quilting. Anyway, I sewed a small piece of quilt batting in the middle.


For craft projects that require quilt batting and will not likely be washed, stock up on the rolls of fake “snow” at after Christmas sales. You will literally spend pennies on it.

It’s known as a “snow blanket” to those in the know.

I sewed on the outside so the edges would fray and give me that shabby chic look.

The other sewn ornament is along a very similar vein. The reason I love this next one is that you can use the ugliest fabric in the world on it and still have a cool end product. What exactly do I mean by ugliest fabric in the world?

I mean, seriously!

Using some free handed holiday themed shapes, I made 2 from the ugliest fabric in the world and 2 from not-the-ugliest fabric in the world. I sewed wrong sides together, lightly stuffed them with fill, and frayed the edges. If my second fabric coordinated with the ugliest fabric in the world, these would have made a nice set of 4.

My last set of ornaments I’ll share is a decoupage project. Using a cereal box for forms, I cut out 4 angel wings. I applied decoupage glue to one side of each wing and placed them glue side down on a small square of fabric.

I cut around the wing when the glue was dry and repeated the same thing on the other side. I applied decoupage glue all over the top of the fabric (and the edges!). FYI Glitter Mod Podge would not be poorly placed here. Using a needle, I poked a hole and threaded some thread to create a loop for the ornament hanger. An ornament hook I can’t show you because as much as we say it’s Christmas in July, my Christmas stuff is in still the storage room for a few more months.

Hopefully you are starting to feel the twinges of inspiration. If not, that’s cool. We have plenty more ideas for you this week.


4 thoughts on “Homemade Ornaments

  1. Loving the wings and the wedding invite ones! Hehe, we always have warm Christmases here, its sort of strange – people spraypainting fake snow (and batting!) and everyone is walking around in shorts and tshirts.. ironic. But its lovely for a BBQ, wine and beer, and cold desserts 🙂

    • My kids early exposure to the land down under was, of course, The Wiggles. Blew their minds to have Christmas during the summer!

  2. You can also use cardstock tho print whatever you want, cut that into strips and fill the glass balls. I did that to make multi-cultural ornaments.

    • I remember those! Those were a great idea and a nice way to expand this one to just about anything. It makes me think of printing up the names of books my book club has read on cardstock and make this a gift this upcoming year.

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