Holiday Traditions – Fourth of July style

Don’t tell Alex that’s a Barbie jeep under the decorations!

The Blind Wives wish you and yours a pleasant Fourth of July holiday.

Hopefully you will have the chance to spend some quality family time eating good food and blowing stuff up (if that’s your thing).    Do you have any Fourth of July traditions?    It seems like a holiday custom made for long standing traditions.    When the kids were younger and before we’d moved to the country, we lived in a neighborhood that had a parade every year.

Even the dog would participate!

Both the kids and I really looked forward to decorating wagons, bikes, Power Wheels, etc. and meeting our neighbors.   There would be a handful of cars, golf carts, police cars and such at the beginning and then after the “big parade” passed each street all the kids would join in behind.  We’d caravan up to the neighborhood park where a carnival was waiting.

OMG they were cute!

It was such a sweet way to usher in the holiday, and because it was something we did each year the kids always looked forward to it.   Do you have any Fourth of July traditions?    Now that we have moved, we generally barbecue and the kids put on a fireworks display for my mom.    I’m not sure that is going to work this year since we are so short on rain, so I’m going to have to think of a “new” tradition.


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