Wire Votive Holder

I hope my KC friends are all having tons of fun at the Maker Faire, and I hope the rest of you are just having a great day in general. When this posts, I will be hanging out with some extended family in the Smoky Mountains. Vacation! Well, as much as any 12 hour drive with 4 kids followed by 3 nights of tent camping followed by another 12 hour drive home can be considered a vacation. In my world, it’s considered a vacation.

A quick little project today. I saw this on Pinterest. Of course.

I loved these regardless of the fact that I couldn’t understand a word on the blog I snagged the picture from (click on the picture to go to the blog). I decided to try my hand at these with some cheap and easy to bend wire that I picked up (on sale) at the craft store. In my vision, I’d make a bunch of these and spray paint them different colors and suspend them outside on the deck when I have that fabulous martinis-on-the-deck cocktail party that I’ve been planning…. in my head… for the last 2 years. Since I was able to whip up a basic one in about 10 seconds, I’m one step closer to my dream!

Mine looks a little like I had the martinis before doing the project but I will work on it. By the time my imaginary cocktail party becomes a real one, I’ll have found my wire twisting mojo.

Happy Saturday and Happy Wire Twisting!


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