Decoupage Light Switch Plate

If it can be decoupaged, I will decoupage it. Once, I decoupaged an 8 ft plastic folding table with images from National Geographic. Don’t believe me?


So a light switch plate is small potatoes for me. But the kids’ homeschool room needed a little something (other than the 8ft decoupaged folding table, as seen above) so I grabbed my supplies and got to work.

The tools:

A word on paper: The paper I chose is from a $1 pad of list paper. The upside of using cheap paper is that it is nice and thin which is perfect for decoupage projects. The downside is that the dye comes off more easily so you want to touch it as little as possible especially after the Mod Podge comes on the scene.

Before even opening the glue container, position your paper on the light switch plate and lightly tape it in place. You are going to have to mark where the light switch hole is or suffer the consequences. And the consequences? Mostly just frustration and a sloppy project. But still. Easy to avoid.

See where the I is? Well, I guess it’s an H since the picture is horizontal. Anyway, you see that letter of questionable identify? Those are your cut marks. Using a straight edge or pointy scissors, cut that shape. Do not remove any of the paper. You just want to cut lines. The flatness of the photograph may hide this but you do not cut the lines right up against the edges of the hole. You want to have little flaps.

Untape the paper and put it aside. Add a decently thick layer of decoupage medium onto your light switch plate. I always wait a second or two to make sure it’s tacky. Put the paper on top — making sure to line up the hole for the light switch. Smooth it out by pushing from the center to the edges to get out any wrinkles or bubble. When you fold your corners, think of wrapping a present. You’ll get smooth and tight corners.

Push the flaps from the light switch hole in and decoupage over the paper. You will want to flip the projectover at this point to make sure the flaps will stay put. Use decoupage as needed on the back to secure the flaps.

You’ll end up with something that looks like this.

Use the tip of a pencil to push in the screw holes. Add more decoupage when this layer dries.

If you plan on embellishing the paper with other paper or stickers, do that now. I would have stopped at the above step but my kids saw me start the project with stickers in mind and they had picked the ones they wanted and… anyway. I added the stickers.

Add another layer of decoupage. And another. Then spray the whole thing with a sealer. Then hang it up. Then take a picture. Then blog about it and link us to your post in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Decoupage Light Switch Plate

  1. ❤ this, and you! Wow. I'm doing this EVERYWHERE. Not an 8 foot folding table because I dont have one, and I can't compete with that level of awesome, but light switches I can do. I'm concerned though, I have trouble stopping once I find a new crafty thing. I may come back in a week with thanks AND blame 🙂 But seriously-er, wow. 😀

    • It is an addictive project because it’s so cheap and awesome. And there are so many light switches and outlets that need awesome covers!

      My kitchen has ugly wood covers that I’m tempted to cover but I actually have to finish our remodel first. You know, the one I started nearly 2 years ago.

  2. Love the bright colors on your new cover. Great choice for the hs room.

    I didn’t realize I was channeling my inner decoupage artist, but I did cover some outlet covers and light switch plates to coordinate with my newly painted kitchen. They turned out fairly well, but I only mod podged them to the cover, not the top side of the paper. I used scrapbook paper b/c that is what I had on hand.

    • How have they held up without the decoupage on the top? I love less steps if I can get away with them. This is a light switch that the kids generally use so I did layers of decoupage plus a sealant so I can clean it. I’ve come to the conclusion that my kids are jelly rolled in dog hair rolled in dust and dipped in poster paint… some people might have kids with less tolerance to walking around with dirty hands 😉

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