May Flowers

So this mindful life/less distractions thing has been going great. I’m much more present and in the moment. It’s amazing how quickly I have felt the shift in focus and purpose.

There is a downside. Bloggers are supposed to be online. It’s kind of how this whole thing works. I’m still working on finding my new groove here at Three Blind Wives and keeping up with all the blogs I enjoy reading. Then again, I have tons of time to do projects and think of ideas for the blog. It’s all such a balance.

Anyway, I recently had some homeschool friends over to work on a plant dissection — the only type of dissection I do — and to do a flower craft. I thought I’d share some of the cuteness.

It occurs to me, as I look at the carnage above, how very different it would look had it been a frog dissection. Add that to my list of reasons I don’t do animal dissections.

After learning the basic parts of the flower and exploring the different functions of the different parts, we got busy making our own flowers using the flower craft from Crayon Bits.

Here is our little friend, Marley, with her picture. When I asked to take a picture of it, she held it up in front of her face. I said, “I can’t see your face, Marley!” so, instead of moving the picture down, she tried to lift her head up above.

Fun fact: You can see Lara’s hands in this picture

And here is Daniél’s son, Max, with his creation. Including this project, there are 3 Blind Wives projects in this picture. Can you spot the other two?

And an obligatory picture of Eden. She’s 6 years old and every so often it hits me: her hair! The color still surprises me even now.

I’ll close with the lamest joke ever: If April Showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring? Pilgrims!


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