Father’s Day Gift Ideas from the Blind Wives

Father’s Day is next Sunday, June 17th. Yipes! We thought we’d collaborate on this one and share some of our ideas/plans for gifts. (If you are any of our husbands, DO NOT READ ON! Just close the window, and walk away.)

Lars and I aren’t super sentimental people. And we don’t particularly seek to own things out of sentimental reasons. So our perfect gift giving has a touch of sentimentality, a load of practical use, and occasionally a decent amount of money. In some instances, it’s cold, hard cash.

Using a denomination larger than a 1 dollar bill but smaller than a 100 dollar bill, Father’s Day origami can’t go wrong.

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And the biggest gift on Father’s Day around here comes in food form. This year, I’m debating between the Man Cake

click image for more details

Or go for a more traditional breakfast with a cool sign to snazz it up?


Breakfast in bed on Father’s Day is not optional in this house! We do it for each other on all our special days (we even do it for the kids on their birthdays), but it’s especially important for Jeff, ’cause breakfast food is his favorite. I think this year I’m going to have to make the “man cake” Charlie posted. Holy Cowardly Lion, he will love it! And he will especially love it with a fancy cup of coffee!

Jeff is a coffee connoisseur, so I’ve always thought (and he seems to agree) that the perfect Father’s Day gifts for him are coffee-centric. We’ll sometimes buy him a new coffee blend, or a pricey one that he couldn’t justify buying himself, like a pure kona. At $25 and up per pound, it really is a special treat. Of course, I still only buy it when I find it on sale somewhere, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Look! This one’s “extra fancy”!

We’ve also made him a couple of custom mugs over the years. We love going to the “paint your own” ceramics places for a long lasting custom look. Max came up with the “I ❤ Jeff” idea years ago when he was about 5. I did fight it at first, and tried to get him to write “I ❤ Dad” instead, but I’m glad I went with it. Now we each have what I like to our “narcissistic mugs” in our favorite colors with our own names on them.

Let the world know how much you love yourself while sipping your favorite warm drink.

I saw this idea for a custom photo collage on Pinterest, and I just love it. I think I’m going to make one for Jeff this year. He needs an updated picture for his office. This one might be a little too cutesy for Jeff “as is”, but I bet we could kick it up a notch, you know, cool it up (or is it down?) for him.

Click for a detailed tutorial from Positively Splendid, complete with downloads.

Mike is a handy man by nature.  He is also a busy person; meaning both, that he is busy as well as he likes to stay busy. He is constantly fixing things up, tearing stuff down, building, repurposing, inventing, and otherwise doing general maintenance work on our house, cars, chicken coop, garden, basement-turned-workshop, and more. In addition to all the things he needs and wants to do, he has quite the “honey-do-list” that he has acquired over time. I know it’s overwhelming for him at times, so this year when trying to think of what he would appreciate the most for Father’s Day (that I can afford! *that statement REALLY narrowed the field down*) I decided he could really use some peace of mind.

Click the image to be taken to the original source for detailed photos and post describing the gift!

I borrowed this idea from papertastebuds at tipjunkie.com. Basically, I am spending the weeks leading up to Father’s Day trying to complete (or at least put a huge dent in) Mike’s to do list. I then hand write the accomplished task down on a note card with a simple drawing, stick the note cards in a box, and label the box “Peace of Mind.” Let me tell ya, with a rambunctious toddler and a husband with an inconsistent work schedule, it’s hard to accomplish as much as I would like to but I’m hoping the sentiment still comes across.

When thinking about what my toddler could help with that would be a nice, possibly useful present that also would not be too difficult (for either of us!) I came across these two ideas that I think are perfect! Since rocks and twigs are about the only think my kiddo is interested in lately as well as the fact that I already own everything necessary for these projects… it seems to me that you just can’t get much better than that.

Click the image to view the original source, describing in detail how to make your own paperweight!

First we have the “Dad Rocks” salt dough paperweight. You make a simple mixture of salt, flour, and water and then spell out “Dad Rocks” in pebbles and stick it in the oven… and voila! Can’t get much simpler than that and it incorporates my son’s current interests and skill levels. Win.

Click the image for the original source with directions!

The second craft (since that first one is just so easy it made me feel ambitious) is a twig pencil holder. You simply take empty tin cans or toilet paper rolls and glue twigs in a decorative fashion around the perimeter.  Combine several containers to do a neat multi-tiered effect that is perfect for his workshop, holding pencils, pens, scissors, and even small tools such as screwdrivers. My husband was just talking about how he wished he had a nicer, more organized workspace and we are drawn to the natural (and repurposed/handmade) appeal of projects such as these, so I think these will be great!

Are you planning anything special for Father’s Day? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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