A Very Pinteresting Herb Garden

It will come as no surprise to those that know me that my first successful pinterest project did not involve sewing or glue. It was the potato tower. It works and it’s awesome. At least it looks like it is working. Mine is a beautiful tower of potato greenery and I’m imagining bushels of potatoes tucked away inside growing to perfection.

Potato Tower. Brilliant! Click picture to go to Pinterest link

When I saw this flower tower on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one.

Flower Pot Tower. Click picture to go to the pinterest link.

My vegetable garden is behind six foot of fencing quite a ways from my back door.    When I’ve planted herbs in the past and then needed a sprig or two (in the middle of cooking) and tried to send kids out I always got groans (it was, inevitably, 120 degrees outside and they were in the middle of a video game) and then when they got out there, unless it was basil or cilantro I was requesting, they were as likely to grab a sprig of weeds as any kind of herb.    So of course I pinned these adorable herb labels.

Herb Garden Labels. Click picture to go to this pinterest link.

So I’m pondering moving my herb garden to my front flower garden just outside the front door (and next to the kitchen) while I’m perusing Pinterest—BAM!  There it is—I can use the flower tower as the inspiration to make an herb tower so it is aesthetically a “pretty” addition to my flower garden and I can make labels so my dunderheaded children can pick the right herb when I send them out.

My tower

I found a piece of rebar in our garden shed and had my hubby pound it a couple of feet into the ground and then I placed my pots and planted my herbs.    Next came the job of mod podging labels made in photoshop.  (Notice how I was cleverly vague on just who made the labels—I imply that I might have made them without outrighting stealing credit from my talented eldest daughter).

A little photoshop, a little mod podge…

My new herb garden is complete.     Some tips–it would have been easier to make these labels before the pots were on the tower with herbs planted in them.  Since this project kind of evolved as I did it, I made do, but really, step number one should be making and putting on the labels.     Second tip—make sure the right herb goes with the right label.   While this would seem obvious, I did manage to mess it up even though I was paying close attention (flat leaf parsley and cilantro look a lot alike!).  Tip number 3, even though the pots are tilted, make sure the soil and plants are level.  While I did think of this and tried to do it, I lost some soil in the first few waterings and had to adjust so more attention to this would have been helpful.

My beautiful and functional herb garden tower!

If you don’t have a talented daughter you can convince to make labels for your herb garden you are welcome to borrow mine.  The labels that is, not the daughter.

Herb Label 1

Herb Label 2


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