Mod Podge Fabric Covered Canvases

I’ve been wanting to make fabric covered canvases for years, ever since I saw them done on Trading Spaces, Design on a Dime, or one of those budget decorating shows. I used to be a complete and total junkie of all those shows before we got rid of cable. I will occasional find an episode online, but it’s not the same. I miss them. I wonder if they would have them on dvd at the library…

Anyway, I had some small (7×9?) canvases, and some fabric scraps that were just the right size, so I went for it, having no idea where they would go, or even if I’d ever be able to use them.

I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but here’s the finished product. I just followed the fabric Mod Podge instructions.

I decided to Mod Podge the fabric on to A) make it easier to work with rather than stretching and stapling, and B) to make it look more like a painted or printed canvas. See the pic below for what the fabric looks like before the Mod Podge vs after. You can see how the after has so much more of a bright and finished look.  I didn’t have any fabric Mod Podge, so I used the plain, matte finish kind. I think it worked great.

The fabric on the left/bottom is virgin, and on the right/top is after the Mod-Podge. Click for a closer look.

It ended up working out that the canvases fit perfectly on these shelves I have framing the kitchen window. I love the way they look there. I’m not sure about the other decorations I have up, some of them will go when I figure out what really should go there, but the canvases look great. (For the record, I had to put something on the shelves so my husband would stop insisting that they were the perfect place to store small appliances like his coffee grinder.)

See my little painted river rock? Max got that for me for my birthday from Ten Thousand Villages. I love that place!

The green sculpture thing is something Max’s art teacher makes and sells called a “vodisc“. It looks neat with a votive candle in it, but I think I’m going to put a small plant of some sort in it.

This was such a cheap, easy, fast project that really spruced up my kitchen. Like I said before, I don’t know if the other knick-knacks will stay on the shelves, but the canvases definitely will. I’ll add a pic of the whole window when it’s all decorated and put together.


5 thoughts on “Mod Podge Fabric Covered Canvases

    • Very cute! My favorite way to make bulletin boards is to cover cieling tiles with fabric and nail them into a wall. I usually use spray adhesive, but I winder if modge podge would give a more refined look.

      • That’s brilliant! I do think that the Mod Podge would give it a more refined look, but you could always to a little swatch of the fabric and compare. See which you like better. It does make the fabric considerably stiffer, so that might not work as well for a bulletin board? You’d have to experiment with it. Thanks for sharing the awesome idea.


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