Charm Pack skirt

Ok, I have never, ever bought a charm pack, jelly roll, or any other precut coordinating fabric squares/rectangles. Why not? Because they cost more than just buying a yard of fabric, and I’m cheap. It just seemed to make as bad financial sense as Facebook stock. - Any company that ensures I never forget your birthday should be worth at least $100 billion.

However, I saw a pack big enough to make a skirt for Eden for only $5, and it was on.

Super simple formula

Tier 1 — 8 squares (5″)

Tier 2 — 10 squares

Tier 3 — 12 squares

Charming! (get it? CHARMing?)

I made sure not to have two of the same pattern in a row while making the tiers. I didn’t do so well at preventing that when lining the entire thing up to sew, as you can see. I sewed all 3 tiers first and then gently gathered tier 2 and sewed it to tier 1 and then gently gathered tier 3 and sewed it to tier 2.

I used fabric I already had for the waist band and, had I been thinking clearly AT ALL, I would have also finished the bottom with it. Instead, I hemmed tier 3 making it noticeably shorter than the other tiers. At least I didn’t try to fix it with a bow, right?

Charm packs may not make sense in the price-per-yard world. But in the whip-up-a-tiered-skirt-in-an-hour world, they come up aces.


5 thoughts on “Charm Pack skirt

  1. So cute, and love the ruffled effect. I also like the two squares that match… it makes it looks less contrived – sort of artfully hipster ‘this-is-how-little-I-care-for-your-rules’ kind of thing 😉

  2. So funny that you would post this just after Ruth and I just finished sorting out charm squares to make her a patchwork dress! While my left shoulder isn’t strong enough to hold a ruler to make a straight cut just yet, I can sew two pieces of fabric together. Or 66 pieces in the case of the dress. Maybe.

    • Oh, I can’t wait to see the dress! If you post it on a blog, link to it here so I can see it. Or I’ll just catch it over on Facebook 🙂

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