Coctel de Camarones Soup

Now that’s a cocktail

Remember how I like hot salad in the winter and cold soup in the summer? Well, it’s close enough to summer so I thought I’d share my favorite cold soup — Coctel de Camarones.

Shrimp cocktail is not soup? Saying it in Spanish doesn’t make it one? What are you saying?!

Ok, you’re right. But I add extra fluid to my coctel de camarones to make it less cocktail saucy and more like gazpacho. Only with shrimp. So not gazpacho at all.

If food could be porn (which it cannot be), then this is the religious text of the food-as-porn world. It is pure and guilt free. It is loaded with fresh vegetables. You could even leave out the shrimp and have a vegetable soup instead. You could call it Coctel de Nada.

This looks downright holy to me

I’ll give you the measurements of the ingredients that I use. You can adjust up or down based on your preference. This light and refreshing soup is muy delicioso after a long summer day.

Coctel de Camarones Soup-Style

1-2 lbs of shrimp, cooked and peeled. Shrimp comes measured by how many are in a pound. I use the 50-70/lb size.

1 bottle original V8 juice (48 oz)

Splash or two or four of hot sauce

2 cucumbers, diced or 1 super huge mutant cucumber (which is what I used)

2 avocados, cubed

a handful of spinach, torn super small

1 clove of garlic

1/2 red onion (lots of you will want to adjust this to a whole onion, I’m sure)

1 chopped bell pepper

1 lime, quartered

a handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

cilantro to taste. If cilantro tastes like soap to you, you can skip it

Salt and pepper to taste… a dash of cayenne wouldn’t be misplaced

Mix all of the ingredients together in a glass bowl. Squeeze the lime wedges into the mix and drop the remains in. Chill for an hour or two or three. Pick out the lime wedges and discard before serving. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

If you use the spicy style V8 juice, you can skip the hot sauce. Or if you don’t like hot sauce, you can skip the hot sauce. Why am I giving you permission to alter my recipe? I’m just going to assume that, if you’re the type to enjoy our blog and our creative processes here, you are the type to alter my recipes without a second thought.

On a slightly different note… I’m not judging or anything, but I’ve been surprised at how many people make a mess cutting up avocado. Here is my method that doesn’t require the avocado to ever touch (and therefore mash into) a cutting board or your hands. And I made it into a cute little image, because I am addicted to Photoshop. The problem with my addiction is that I only know how to do maybe 5 things in Photoshop so I have to do them again and again and again to feed my addiction. Hey, it’s an illness. I didn’t judge your avocado covered hands, did I?

Enjoy your summer (or winter to our south of the equator demographic) with a cold soup, clean hands, and loads of vegetables!


5 thoughts on “Coctel de Camarones Soup

  1. You so judged my avocado covered hands. But I forgive you, because now I know how, it’ll never happen again! Yay! I don’t do shrimp, but the rest looks yum.. and the avocado hints was worth the price of admission 😉

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