Great Wolf Lodge, A Review

The kids and I spent last weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. If you haven’t been there, it’s a neat resort (locally it’s in KCK, but they have other US locations) with a full waterpark inside.

I never get any personal pics of the water park, ’cause I’m too busy playing!

I just love it there. I’m a big fan of water parks, first of all, and second of all, it totally feels like we’re on vacation, even though it’s in our metro. This might not be as exciting if we could actually afford a real vacation, but for now, until my husband finishes school, this is where we go. It’s our “staycation”. They offer annual discounts for homeschool families which saves us even more money. Plus, when all of our homeschool friends go (like last year), it feels like a mini summer camp or something with all the kids traveling from room to room looking for the best snacks. =D

The rooms are decent, but nothing special. The most basic room gives you 2 full beds, and a full pull out sofa. This time, I went with a friend, my 2 kids, and her 2 kids and split the room. It was perfect for us. We once stayed in the Kid Cabin Suite. That was pretty cool. You get a full bed, a full pull-out sofa bed, and three twin bunk beds in the little kids’ den area. It’s nice, ’cause the kids can do their thing while the adults have a little more quiet and privacy than usual in a hotel. They have other rooms as well. Click the pic to go to the website.

They even have a tv with video games in the little “kid den”. My kids LOVED it!

With one night in the hotel, you get 2 full days’ use of the water park, which is open from 9am-9pm. The day you check in you can start using it at 1pm. They do have entertainment like 8pm story time, and an arcade, but we’ve never used either. In fact, we’ve been there 3 times now, and never once set foot in the arcade. We basically swim until we drop, then do it all again the next day.

They also have a game called the “Magi Quest”. You get a magic wand that, when activated, will open the treasure chests placed around the hotel, and lead you on an adventure. It’s $30/player, so we never did it in the past. I didn’t think it was worth it. I was wrong. It’s totally worth it. Max did it with his cousin this year, and it provided them about 10 hours of entertainment. (We went back a couple of days after check out for them to finish.) The game is fun and challenging with puzzles and tasks. Max described it as a live action game that you play with yourself. By that he means that you are the main character. It’s fun to see all the kids running around the hotel with their wands.

Here’s Max and  his cousin Wesley collecting treasure. (Wesley’s holding “The Ancient Book of Wisdom” that accompanies the game.)

Max and Wesley (his cousin) never did quite finish it, even after 10 hours of game play. (It’s supposed to take about 4 on average.) They couldn’t defeat the Silver Dragon, or something like that. Max was so disappointed. It broke my heart. However, his dad told him he’d go up there with him sometime just to play the Magi Quest, and they’d do the whole game together. That made it all better! It’ll be a great, fun father/son day, totally worth the 30 bucks. (You don’t have to stay in the hotel to play Magi Quest.)

Fighting the dragon.

So, that wasn’t a review as much as a description of our stay, but I definitely recommend it, especially if you can get a discount. If your kids don’t know what it is, do yourself a favor, and don’t tell them about the water park. There is a viewing window in the lobby, so while you are checking in, they can discover the water park for themselves, and I swear, you will never see them so excited about anything in your life!

While I do love the place, I don’t recommend most of the extras, nor do I recommend eating in their restaurant. The food was pricey and pretty hideous when we went. If you are staying at the Kansas City, KS location, there are plenty of quality restaurants right next to the hotel, like Aurthur Bryant’s (barbecue), Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Granite City Brewery (fabulous American), Stix (Japanese), Chipotle, and more.

Have you stayed at Great Wolf Lodge? What did you think? Was it worth the money?


3 thoughts on “Great Wolf Lodge, A Review

  1. Looks like it was a great adventure! Wish we had waterparks like that here in NZ. I love the “staycation” reference. I’ve had staycations at nearby rental cottages for the weekend, a great way to escape and unwind and especially kind to my college student budget. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading! You’ll have to visit The States sometime. We do everything big here, lol.

      Staycations are about the only “cation” we can do right now, so I cherish them. I’m trying to convince my husband to stay in a little bed and breakfast with me one of these weekends here soon when he’s on a school break. I think it would be fun.


      • A B&B sounds like the perfect getaway! I lived in Spokane, Washington and visited California for a few months in 2006. Indeed, you definitely do everything big there! I couldn’t get over the beautiful food and retail outlets-Mexican food was my favourite, it’s not quite the same here. Look forward to reading about the B&B getaway! 🙂

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