Daniél’s Announcement

I already shared this on facebook, but I wanted to tell “the world,” and all my new blog friends, too.

I have an announcement to make. I wasn’t sure which way I should say it, so I will share them all with you:

Jeff and I suck at not procreating.
We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
Cheese half ink a baby. (Full House reference for my fellow children of the 80s, or as I like to call us: Generation TGIF.)
Jeff and I had sex a 3rd time (as our 10 yr old son Max brilliantly deduced).
I am officially a “breeder”.
Ishmael would be disappointed in me.
We can no longer justify driving a Scion instead of a minivan.
There’s a bun in my oven.
I got knocked up… again.
The children! They’ve run amok!
Holy Hell, I’m pregnant.

No, this was not in any way intentional. Yes, we are thrilled. I am 21 weeks along. My due date is Oct. 7th. It’s a(nother) boy!!!

You all know I can’t deliver a post without pictures, so here’s a few of my boys when they were babies. I look at these, and all my worries, stresses, and fears about having a third melt away.

This is Max on the day he was born, Dec. 16th, 2001. He was so tiny!

Here’s Max and I right after we came home from the hospital. I had just turned 19.

Here’s Max with Jeff, a few days after coming home. He was born with about an inch of thick, bleach blond hair. It was awesome. Jeff was 20.

Here’s Max at around 6 weeks. We were able to spike his hair for a while!

Max at 18 months old on the 4th of July.

Here’s Max at 4. He’s always been so quirky! This is right before he got his pink Crocs, and started wearing 1 pink and one blue every day. =)

Max last summer.

Oliver on the day he was born, July 12th, 2008

Oliver and Max, right when after we got home from the hospital.

And here they are again, a few months later, madly in love.

Oliver and I. He’s about 3 months old here.

Oliver at age 1.

Oliver at age 2

Oliver last summer

Here’s the two of them now, “being cool”.

Here’s Max now (age 10), posing with our goldendoodle pup, Ferdinand.

Here’s Oliver now, playing music with his daddy.

And here they both are, being awesome.

Yay!!! I can’t wait to meet this new little guy.


10 thoughts on “Daniél’s Announcement

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, what awesome news 🙂 Thank you for sharing, now you can tell us all your horrific pregnancy tribulations -or how brilliantly it’s all going, whichever! Fingers and toes crossed for the brilliant.. and boys ROCK.

  2. O.k. . . . it’s probably my own gestating baby boy that made me get all teary at this post. Your boys are beautiful. And blessed. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Kyle. You’ve got a beautiful bunch yourself!

      When are you due? Will you find out before if it’s a boy or girl, or will it be a surprise? It was a surprise with Oliver (we elected to wait), and that was an amazing experience.


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