All in One Slow Cooker Nachos

While staying at Great Wolf Lodge last weekend, I so badly wanted nachos from the little pool side cafe. Unfortunately, their tortilla chips were not gluten free. That was a bummer. To satisfy my mad craving, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home (how I found the strength after 2 whole days at the water park is a mystery), and got the ingredients to make some myself. However, it was dinner time, so I decided that instead of doing a rotel dip, I’d make it a little healthier, and a little bulkier, and make a meal out of it.

Thus the All in One Slow Cooker Nachos were born. It’s a whole meal over chips. I hadn’t planned on blogging this since I was randomly throwing ingredients into the pot, and had no idea how it would turn out. After it was done, it tasted so good, and we were all ravenous, so the thought of stopping to arrange an attractive plate and get a good picture was ludicrous. We just dug in with reckless abandon. Then Max (my oldest son) said, “Mom, did you make this recipe up? You should put it on the blog!”

I snapped a pic before finishing the last of the leftovers the next day. I wondered which was better for the blog: this pic, or no pic at all. Feel free to tell me if you’d rather have seen no pic at all… ;D

All in One Slow Cooker Nachos

makes 8-10 servings


16 oz cheddar cheese
16 oz cream cheese
32 oz salsa (I used salsa verde from Costco)
16 oz ground beef, browned (could also use leftover shredded beef, chicken, or to make it veg, mushrooms would have been fab)
16 oz black or pinto beans
1 med onion diced
bell peppers, diced (optional)
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
Salt and pepper to taste
fresh cilantro (optional)

1. Cook meat, onions, and peppers (if using) until meat is brown. Drain. If you’re using leftover meat, simply saute the veggies, then add the cooked meat to warm it up, and season it.

2. Add chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper to the meat mixture, and taste. Adjust as necessary.

3. Combine meat mixture with all other ingredients (except for cilantro, if using) inside of the slow cooker crock.

4. Cook on high for about an hour. Mine filled my small, 4 qt crock pot about a little over 3/4 of the way, so if you’re using a bigger slow cooker it may cook faster. It’s finished when it’s hot and the cheese is all melted.

5. Serve over tortilla chips with a big, fat salad. Trust me, you’ll need the salad.

Let me know if you make it! It’s still such a guilty pleasure that I don’t plan to make it again soon, but if I do, I promise to take a proper picture. =D


4 thoughts on “All in One Slow Cooker Nachos

  1. Oooh that sounds yummy! Not something I can eat at the moment, but boy would the rest of my family like it. I’m going to try this out at some point, thanks for the recipe!

    • Yeah, dairy is… not so great for me. I completely abstained from it for about 6 months. Then, I started eating it occasionally. Lately, I’ve been way overindulging in it. This time, I was completely unapologetic in adding it to the meal. I wasn’t like, “I’ll just add a leeeeeetle bit of cheese,” I was like, “BAM! Cheesified!” =D


      • I think thats the way to do it – not often, but when it happens? Go HARD 😀 I think the saying is ‘everything in moderation, including moderation” 😀 I’m going to remember cheesified. If ever I get to pick super powers, thats gonna be one of them..

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