Burlap Placemats

Since I cut up my placemats to make coasters, I needed to make new ones.

Actually, I never use placemats so I didn’t need to make new ones, but I saw some on etsy that I really liked plus a friend gave me some burlap for free and thus this project was born.

I, for one, always do what my placemat tells me to do.

I would prefer lowercase letters and possibly slightly smaller, but I was committed to keep this project free so I used stencils I had on hand. I would also prefer less wrinkles but this is what I get for rushing through a project so I can get ahead on the blog so I can go out of town. Ah, the life of an unpaid blogger!

This is super easy. It almost seems pedantic to give a tutorial on it but if I didn’t, it would be a really short and lame post.

First, I cut the burlap to the measurements I wanted. Use an existing placemat as a template.

Second, I stitched all the way around the perimeter about 3/4″ in using orange thread. It adds a subtle but nice pop of color to use a bright colored thread.

It’s much brighter in person. Aren’t we all?

After the sewing is done, I pulled out threads to make some burlap fringe. I had crossed my stitches at the corners so the corners will stay unfringed and add a little stability to the placemat. It’s probably unnecessary and cutting the corners would be fine as well.

As a sewer, it seems so wrong to unravel fabric. So, so wrong.

The placemats are ready for word-additions. What do you want your placemat to say? I went for a simple and to the point “eat” but, depending on your stencil size and patience, you may be able to wax poetic about food or table manners or even the benefits of a paleo-style diet on your placemats. Or just use the word “eat.”

So, what should I use to get this word onto my placemat? I considered using iron on transfer paper but my burlap has a really loose weave and I wanted the word to be bold. I needed something that would get in between the weave. I had decided on acrylic paint. And then I realized the stencils I had on hands that I wanted to use were paper. I didn’t want to ruin them for one project so I went for the reliable, never disappointing sharpie.

It’s the duct tape of the writing utensil world.

As always, if you decide to try out the project, let me know in the comments and feel free to link back to your own blog. We love seeing your creations as much as we love to share our own.


9 thoughts on “Burlap Placemats

  1. Lovely! I don’t use them, but if I did I’d be on this… probably writing ‘shut up please’ on it, because it has been one of those days. “eat, create, chirp’. There’s a book,and a movie of the book, in that 😀

    • Ha! I’ve considered a craft book titled, “You Could Just Look This Stuff Up on the Internet For Free,” but I didn’t think it would sell terribly well. Eat, Create, Chirp is much better.

    • I think food poetry would be great. My 8 year old LOVES a Shel Silverstein poem about a boy who ordered a hot dog with “everything on it.” Very literal and would be great for a placemat or dining room decor.

  2. Do you still have the burlap??? I would love it! I’m a local RI artist and am always looking for burlap to make my Wine Baskets from High-end rescued upholstery fabric…. Thanx Cindy

    • Sorry! Most of it was used as a mat for a large (but awkward) piece of artwork and the rest is set aside for other projects. Good luck finding what you’re looking for.

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