Home grown arrangement

I turned the big three-three in April. My 30s are going pretty well. I have amazing kids, an amazing husband, and amazing friends. Speaking of amazing friends, look what was left on my door step on my birthday.

It looked so much better two weeks ago when it was my birthday. My friend, Carol, potted some oregano and thyme and then put other cuttings from her garden into a glass jar and propped it up behind. I dissected it for you so you can see the details. Or rather because it was time to plant the oregano and thyme outside.

What a great arrangement! Unlike my floral arrangements (which I love and have a $20/month cut flower budget), I was able to display this in my home for 2 weeks and then plant the potted herbs and use the cut ones. And now that I have my own herb and wildflower garden growing, I look forward to being a total copycat and using this idea.


5 thoughts on “Home grown arrangement

  1. I need mint! Maybe I can snag one from you when I pick Vicky up next Friday. Charlie, thanks for the inspiration. What a cool gift idea!

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