Add a Little Magic to Your Backyard With a Fairy Garden

I’ve always had kind of a thing for fairies– the kind that would show up in British folklore or a Shakespeare play, not a Disney movie. They are such a great amalgam of magic and nature. We’ve made temporary ones with found nature objects but this year I decided I wanted to add a permanent fairy garden feature to our garden.

First I bought some super cheap wood birdhouses at the craft store and we painted them green so that they would blend well with the garden.  Then we decorated them with items from the backyard and spanish moss from the craft store.

I found a kit with some fairy sized garden accesories at the local nursery.

We found a container suitable for creating our garden.  I wanted it elevated somewhat and the container needed to be wide enough that it would have space for the garden.  This old bucket we had laying around was the perfect size.  I drilled some holes in the bottom (when I say “I” I mean my husband) and prepped it with potting soil.  When picking out plants I tried to think of ones that would compliment the fairy houses size wise.

After placing our houses and planting our flowers I decided there needed to be a garden path so I got the smallest bag of aquarium gravel from the pet store and created paths between the houses.

Our finished fairy garden!  It is nestled between some hostas and Iris underneath a couple of trees right off our patio.


5 thoughts on “Add a Little Magic to Your Backyard With a Fairy Garden

  1. I saw this post and thought “huh. Wasn’t this supposed to be a co-op class? Didn’t I sign up for this?” and so I searched my google calendar and there it was – April 11th. so I thought “huh. I don’t remember doing this last month – did we skip it?” So I looked closer… that would be April 11th 20*11* LOL. And then I remembered the class and the kids making houses – it was a blast! We need to do it again and add the garden – and check out the fairy houses at Powell Gardens :).

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