Make a tshirt from a tshirt!

Use a tshirt to make another tshirt. Lamest upcycle ever, you say. But really. Does this look lame?

I made this from a women’s large into a child’s 6-7 and I only used fabric from the original t-shirt. You may need to use two tshirts depending on the size you start with and the size you want to end with. Always start with a shirt that is longer than what you want your finished product to be.

Step 1

Fold your shirt in half and cut off the sleeves. Since I’m using the tshirt’s hem as the hem for my new shirt, I cut off the excess length from the top of the shirt. This also gave me a built in armpit area.

Step 2

Using a shirt I knew fit Eden, I decided how far in I needed to bring the shirt. Sew new side seams but keep the extra! This is going to be used for your sleeves. If you don’t have much extra fabric, you are likely going to need a second shirt.

Step 3

From the leftover top fabric or your second tshirt, cut two strips the same length as the top of your shirt. You will end up with 3 sets of pieces which I have conveniently labeled for you.

A = 2 pieces cut from the sides of your tshirt or from a second tshirt. These will become your sleeves.

B = 2 pieces cut from the top of your tshirt or from a second tshirt. These will become your facing.

C = the 2 pieces you originally cut from your tshirt. They were the front and back and they will, once again, find their glory as the front and back of your new shirt.

Step 4

Let’s make the sleeves first. Grab your A fabric. Length depends on the size you’re going for. I cut these 9 inches long and 8 inches wide for a 6-7 girl shirt. When in doubt, cut long as you’ll be able to trim back if you need to. Fold each piece in half, wrong sides out, and stitch the length (the 9 inches). Turn them right side out and sew a quick gathering stitch on each end.

Normally when I gather, I sew two rows of stitches but these are so small, there isn’t really an issue. Gather them up tight and they’ll look like the above picture.

Step 5

This is where it gets tricky to explain. Look at the picture first.

Lay down one C piece right side up. Position both A sleeve pieces on top. You want the gathered part to be slightly above the top of piece C. Then, put one B piece of facing on top right side down. Pin the freak out of that sucker. Then sew all the way along the top using a ball point needle and, if your tshirt is particularly stretchy, a zigzag stitch.

Step 6

Flip your completed portion out so that the facing is on the inside, the straps are secure in between, and the shirt front is facing front. You can see it taking shape, can’t you? Repeat the same basic process on with the your remaining pieces. Make sure you layer it so that when the shirt is done, the facing is on the inside and the front and back are right side out.

Step 7

Can I even explain this? My pictures for it are useless blurs of purple. To stitch up the sides, you want to sew facing to facing and shirt to shirt.

Turn the shirt inside out and open it up by pulling the facing away from your shirt. Pin the back facing to the front facing. Pin the front shirt to the back shirt. Sew all the way along this, continuously. Repeat on the other side. Turn your shirt right side out and tuck the facing back in place.

And that’s it! The hem from the original shirt gives you a complete look without the work!

Super cute, right? Let me know if you make this and what you think!


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