When the wives are away…

Rumor has it that Lara and Daniél will both have limited internet access today… and Lindsay doesn’t often mess with the control side of things so she won’t see this as a draft… hmmm… I could reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. But that’s easier said than done. Lara is a great secret keeper so I don’t know hers. Daniél is more like me in that she tells nearly everyone nearly everything so virtually nothing is a secret. And Lindsay and I haven’t really known each other long enough for me to have gotten those secrets out of her.

And, naturally, I am far too sweet and kind to ever, ever consider doing such a thing. Naturally.

What I will tell you are a few things they’re too modest to say for themselves. Well, except Daniél. There ain’t no shame in her game. But she still deserves, like Lara and Lindsay, to hear how lucky I have to have my Blind Wives in my life.

Lara is the Blind Wife I’ve known the longest. She and I became acquainted because our boys decided to be friends about 3 seconds after meeting. A few months after first meeting, she called me on the phone to vent and seek some input about a tricky parenting issue. I don’t even remember the issue but I do remember her first saying, “are we here yet? Are we good enough friends that I can call you about this?” Sign #1 that I would never, ever have to guess what she was thinking or where we stood.

Her husband told me once that, when it comes to Lara, you can get on the train or you can get off but you’re not going to distract her course. She’s confident, secure, and direct. She’s truly my better half in the homeschool group we co-run. If she says, “I’ll do it,” I can forget that project even exists because she will do it. We double date to library lectures and to local breweries. We are that awesome.

Daniél and I became friends through the homeschool community. She said something one time that made me say, out loud, “you and I will be friends.” Her response was, “we’ll see.” I took that as a challenge. Our respective responses wrote our friendship in stone. We have had some really funny and really bizarre journeys in which we always get lost. If one of us says the word “viaduct” or “shire” we will burst out laughing and start talking about antique sales. That’s right. Antique sales.

Daniél is open and forthright. If she is thinking it, she will say it. One of the things that keeps us friends is that we can both say those really bizarre and possibly offensive things that pop into our heads and we can both trust the other to either laugh or to shake her head and say “ok, too far.” And, for us, talking is an all day event. You really have no idea. Unless you know us. Then you have a pretty good idea.

Lindsay and I met through the local attachment parenting board. We’re in different phases of our lives as my youngest child is years older than her son. But one day I had a message in my inbox from her asking me out. Well, out to coffee. She said she thought I was cool and wanted to get to know me. And it.was.awesome. She taught me, in a single message, what I hadn’t learned in 32 years on this earth. If you want to get to know someone, tell them that. And it works!

Lindsay is so smart and creative. She knows what she wants in life, and she is who she wants to be. The details don’t bog her down, and she’s always moving forward. She doesn’t wait for opportunities so much as she makes them happen. She has pictures in her head that she can take out and put into action. I wish her life allowed her more time on here as she has so much to share. Your life will not be complete until you see her owl wall.

Before one of my fellow wives can get on here and yell at me for hijacking our blog with sunshine and light, I’m going to hit publish. I love my Blind Wives and admire the hell out of them. This blog has been a wonderful chance for us to grow together.


7 thoughts on “When the wives are away…

  1. I’m giggling right now because of a note I got in my inbox a few days ago. My first thought was, “yay! I have a date with Charlie! I better set the husband straight before he gets the wrong idea!” :p I agree you blind wives are pretty cool.

  2. I agree with all of what Lara said, especially the glue part. You complete us. (Doesn’t mean you can’t fall apart, and we won’t support you, or keep on keepin’ on. No pressure!) This is awesome! What a lovely surprise to open my laptop and see this after a super-hectic couple of days. ^_^



  3. Aww, I’m just now seeing this! How very sweet and, like Daniél, how lovely to see after a rough couple of days! 🙂 Love ya!!

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