Curriculum to Nuture Your Evil Genius

Ok, so maybe my son Alex is neither evil nor genius, but his interests lately would certainly nurture him if he were. Have an evil genius you need to prepare to take over the world? This curriculum could take them there.

You need to know your history of evil geniuses. Learn from their victories and mistakes.

This DVD series has you covered. Lots of gory details, psychological profiles and where they went wrong.

A little light reading to make sure you have the timeline of those sociopathic dictators wouldn’t hurt.

It’s important to evaluate the technology of weaponry and this series will be a great place to start.

Once your evil genius has a bit of background knowledge, it is time to apply that in hands-on application. The computer is a great place to start planning world domination. Want to experience what it is actually like to be a part of the mongul horde? Here ya go.

Ok, so I know your evil genius will eventually create a death ray capable of destroying a planet with the push of a button, but it is important to start on a smaller scale. This book of weapon plans will motivate and inspire.

Seriously, what is inspiration if not detailed plans to make a bazooka with a paper towel tube and a pingpong ball?  And there are sequels!

Strategy is important as well. There’s always Risk, but siblings and parents may not be interested in such a long and, well, boring game so here’s one that will help your evil genius fly under the radar while developing critical strategical plotting skills.

And don’t forget Science. Don’t want your death ray to go astray due to a lack of basic physics. A few links to get you started:

Trebuchet Challenge – Learn trajectory in a trebuchet challenge sim

Impact Earth – More trajectory on a GRANDER scale. Double points if your evil genius practices maniacal laughter as the crater hits the earth.

Physics games – Lots of games with intriguing titles like “Crush the Castle” and “Destroy the Village.”

I’m always on the lookout for new things. On our potential list:

I’m always up for any additional suggestions on curriculum you’ve found succesful for your evil genius.


5 thoughts on “Curriculum to Nuture Your Evil Genius

  1. Love the realism! My husband is a wanna be evil genius dictator, but he doesn’t learn from history – and as I point out there is one thing that we can learn from most of them: ‘rule through fear: die in pain’. So some kind of cunning charm lessoning would probably not go astray 😀

      • I think so! I guess that’s my role in the family – the boys are pretty evil, but I’m a little bit more cunning. Luckily I’m not evil, that would be a BAD combo. I’m still looking around at board games and things in a new light now 😀

  2. Fantastic! My sons birthday is this week and you just provided me with the perfect shopping list! I’m not quite sure he fits into your target demographic being that he is 26, has a BA in Political Science, a minor in history and teaches social studies on an Indian Reservation. On second thought maybe my son is what you got to look forward to.

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