Random Wood

I love random packages of stuff. It’s the excitement of being in a CSA and you don’t always know what food you’ll have to cook for the next week. It’s the joy of ordering 3 lbs of remnant fabric sight unseen and making the ugliest dress you’ve ever made. It’s the thrill of ordering a novelty bag of random wooden pieces and wondering why it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Yeah, you heard me.

I ordered this from Casey’s Wood Products. I was really ridiculously excited. About as excited as when I get a surprising cut of meat in my CSA box but not quite as excited as when I get sight-unseen remnant fabric though.

I grabbed the things I wanted to work with out of the bag and then tossed the rest into the kids’ random craft supplies. They’re far more experimental than I am, and, well, the bag of wood was only $5 so it makes for a fairly inexpensive addition to their supplies.

Much to Eden’s disappointment, I grabbed these two little bud vases out for myself.

I painted them with acrylic paint and, using smaller round pieces from the bag, adorned them. Stuck a 50% off fake flower in each of them, a 75% off butterfly on one of them, and added a little color to my kitchen windowsill for very little cost.

And the plus with the butterfly is that she came with 3 friends in the package. A hair clip from my supply shelf, a little Gorilla Glue, and TA-DA

Random crafting with random supplies. That’s how we do it up in hurr.


4 thoughts on “Random Wood

  1. Great project for the random wood pieces. I wonder what the kids will come up with. I remember riding my bike to the card store and getting an envelope of stickers for just $2.00 – it was filled with an assortment of end of roll, discontinued, or torn off the roll by someone else, but I thought it was the bee’s knees. Love the clip addition, as well!
    Synergistic Acres – Kansas City Natural Farm

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