Bird’s Nest Necklace

Still haven’t ordered the mother’s journal I told you to buy for Mother’s Day?? Well, here’s another idea and this one is a DIY! The very talented Sarah Ortega blogged a tutorial on making Bird’s Nest Necklaces. As soon as I saw the tutorial, I knew I was going to make it.

Initially, I was going to use beads my kids’ birthstone colors for my necklace. Then I decided this was my necklace, I like pearls, and I prefer the look of only 3. So the kids are out. Random beads are in.

This was SO easy. You need no special tools at all (assuming you use a chain you have kicking around in your jewelry box). I followed her tutorial verbatim — unheard of for me — so I don’t even know what to say about it. Ok, I did modify one thing. I do like the clean look of hers however I am a fan of the natural realm so I wrapped mine around so that the wire overlapped and wove in and out a little. That part is totally on purpose. The messy look of the wires that wrap around it to hold it together? That was all inexperience. Practice a little and take your time.

Or just order one from her etsy shop.

Happy wire twisting!


4 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest Necklace

    • It’s a great project, and her instructions are so clear. Definitely post if you make it. I like to see other finished products 🙂

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