Tortellini Soup

My sister-in-law Stephanie is a connoisseur of all things awesome. Both of my husband’s sisters are, in fact. It can be a challenge to keep up in a family of awesome people but, thankfully, I bred all the grandchildren so no one really expects much more from me. Hyperfertility for the win!

Anyway, back to the point. Stephanie made this amazing tortellini soup, and it was perfection. The original recipe was from Williams Sonoma. As it goes with perfect foods, you can always make it perfecter by catering to your own taste buds. I took Stephanie’s recipe, twisted it a little, and now I shall share with you.


2 TBS Olive Oil

4 Carrots

4 Celery Stalks

2 Zucchini

6 C chicken or vegetable broth

1 lb Tortellini (dried or refrigerated? Either. We’ll get to that)

Basil (how much? We’ll get to that)

2 plum tomatoes (this just means a low-seed variety like Roma), chopped

Parm/Romano/Asiago cheese blend

Chop the carrots, celery, and zucchini small. I mean SMALL. We want to suck all the tastiness out of them.

Saute the vegetables with the olive oil until tender. Generally 5-7 minutes.

When the vegetables are tender, add the broth. I used chicken broth made with another item the Connoisseur of Awesome suggested to me — Better than Bouillon base.

It lives up to its name.

Bring the soup to a boil and Choose Your Own Adventure! If you decide to use refrigerated tortellini, turn to page 47. If you choose to use dried tortellini, turn to page 56.

Page 47: Add the tortellini to the soup and cook for 5 minutes.

Page 56: In a separate pan, cook your tortellini according to the package instructions MINUS 5 minutes. Add to the soup and finish up those last 5 minutes.

I add the basil shortly before the tortellini is done. How much basil? Um, I only have ONE basil plant at the moment (the horrors!) so I add whatever it has to offer. You can adjust to your tastes. The original recipe called for 1/4 C  parsley added when the soup was finished, but 1/4 C basil may be too basily for some of you out there.

Take the soup off the heat and stir in the chopped up tomatoes. Add the cheese blend to individual bowls. You can drizzle with additional olive oil if you are fancy or can actually wait that long before inhaling this soup.

You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Tortellini Soup

  1. Love the Choose Your Own Adventure input – the books sucked, but in a recipe it works really well. Great recipe, if I can ever eat tortillini again, I’ll try it! 🙂

    • It’s such a great soup that I may never go gluten free just because of it. 😉 I’ve been thinking of using the base of the soup and trying it with chicken and rice instead of tortellini. The sauteed vegetables, basil, broth, and chopped tomato are amazing.

  2. I was planning soup for Saturday night. This sounds perfect and I will cook it but I’ll have to add some chicken. Smiles, thanks for the recipe.

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