T shirt bags, part deux

I found a tshirt on clearance at the store for $2 that I just couldn’t pass up. I mean, what classy broad wouldn’t like a man wearing this shirt:

I would totally fall for this line.

I couldn’t let it go. I bought it knowing I would turn it into a purse using Lindsay’s awesome tutorial. I really needed a bag for my knitting (yes, I’m that person now) so I added some pockets to my lining that would fit a small ball of yarn and knitting needles.

Liner fabric: free from a friend who was moving. Pocket and strap fabric: $1/yard from the remnant bin.

So now that I’ve taken inspiration and instruction from the Three Blind Wives’ creative vault, I will add my own t-shirt bag upcycle for you all. This bag upcycle is much more of a quick and dirty upcycle. It’s super easy even if you don’t really sew and makes a FANTASTIC reusable shopping bag.

First, layout your shirt. Preferably less sloppy than I did. Geesh. Cut off the neck and the arms.

I cut the neck shallow. You may want yours deeper and I, in fact, cut mine deeper after the bag was done.

Next, you need to turn the shirt inside out and stitch the bottom closed. I recommend 2 rows of stitches. Where exactly you stitch depends on how big your shirt is. You may want to make the bag less deep if you are using a larger shirt. I wanted to make sure the “beautifully broken” wording was visible so I sewed pretty close to the bottom.

If you use a large shirt, you may find that you want to sew the sides in as well or your bag will be cavernous. Ever fill a cavernous bag with groceries and try to lift it? I don’t recommend it. I used a junior’s L shirt so the shirt wasn’t too big.

The last step involves the “handles,” which were formally known as the “shoulders.” Fold the handles like so

And stitch like so

And make your son pose like so

Upcycled reusable shopping bag. Kermit was wrong. It IS easy to be green.


2 thoughts on “T shirt bags, part deux

  1. Love this! I will make one at some point, I have been convinced. I’ll also take heed of the ‘cavernous’ bag warning – I’d totally do that.And bust a fufu valve carrying it anyway, in an attempt to be staunch 😀 Thanks for the great post!

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