For My Children

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Flowers? Candy? A nice card that says what you want to say only prettier and with all the words spelled correctly?

Thank goodness I’m here for you. Well, thank goodness Dionna Ford is here for you.

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While I’ve had the pleasure of having a drink with Dionna at the 70s wet bar I have in my basement, I know her mostly through her activity in a local parenting group and through her blogging at Code Name: Mama and her work with the website she co-founded Natural Parents Network. She was also once my landlord. That is a long story. Actually, it’s a short story but it’s so completely boring that being vague about it makes it sound so much more interesting than it is. Anyway….

One of the greatest gifts my father-in-law left us was his body of writing. He left behind his written stories, thoughts, letters, and prayers. His writings have left us with so few “oh, I wish I had asked him about…” moments and have given us much comfort. There isn’t a better legacy to leave than to allow those who come after you to get to know you.

For My Children is a journal designed for a mom of grown children who is reflecting back on her years of growth, change, and wisdom. The writing prompts are clear, reflective, and vary from the heavy (have you ever nursed a broken heart?) to the somewhat lighter (what are your go-to recipes for social events?). I assure you this is no novelty book though it may appear to be one on your computer screen. If you held the book in your hands for  a second, you’d see the quality of the binding, the cover, and the pages and know that this is a serious journal meant to be written in and then read and read again.

The artwork, by Melanie Mikecz, is whimsical yet clean. The illustrations add to the character of the book and the layout is beautiful. If you ever want to buy me a gift and don’t know what to get me, may I point you in the direction of Ms. Mikecz’s Etsy store.

Whether for a birthday or holiday or Mother’s Day, this is a well placed gift. Give it to your mother for this Mother’s Day and, in a few years, she’ll gift it back to you filled in. And then when your daughter has a child, you gift it to her. And it continues down the line.

In short: I love this book. The author was my landlord. The art is awesome. Buy it.



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