Rainbow Friends

Recently, I met a new friend. Yay me! I knew as soon as I met Destany that she was cool. I have cool-dar. How do you think I knew to be friends with my fellow blind wives? Cool-dar, that’s how.

I haven’t actually seen her since we met — and some would say I can’t call her a friend since we only met once but I disagree. And I’m sure my friends Random Target Cashier and Guy in the Elevator will also disagree. I have become a hermit focusing on family stuff lately and when I reenter society, I will hang out with her again. With or without her consent. I’ll just show up at her house one day.

Ok, I’m not actually creepy. I just got carried away.

Anyway, I met her at a knitting class and look what she made!

Click on the picture to be taken to the knitting pattern.

Aren’t those amazing?! What a great idea to make your own multicultural dolls for your kids. So H8ers who complain that stores don’t show enough diversity? Learn to knit, whiners!

Ok, got carried away again. I also complain that our national chain department stores are, literally, white washing America. But crazy props to Destany for making her kids’ toys. Period.

If you click on the picture of the dolls, it’ll bring you to her blog post with the pattern, her thoughts on making these dolls (including her kids’ awesome naming skillz), and a book recommendation for…

I’ve never read it (though I plan to), but I needed a second picture for this post. I got a little wordy up there ^^ and needed another picture to break up my blah, blah, blahing.

Visit Destany’s blog. Knit dolls for your kids. Knit some for mine while you’re at it! Let me know if you make this project and, if you blog about it, add your link in the comments!


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