Leftover Easter Egg Cupcakes

My husband bought a bag of 40 jumbo hollow chocolate Easter eggs for the kids. 40. We have 2 children. Really, I blame Costco for selling everything in jumbo size, but still.

Cemoi chocolate eggs. They're really good, especially cut in half and filled with peanut butter. Mmm...

I was trying to think of what to do with the extra 34 eggs when inspiration hit. I got the idea to cut them in half lengthwise, put them in the bottom of cupcakes tins, pour yellow cake mix over them, and top with chocolate cream cheese frosting. If you’re thinking it was a stroke of pure genius, I won’t disagree.

Sorry for the crummy pic. I swear it looked better on my phone. And the stoneware pan is ancient, so please excuse the scuffs, stains and scratches.

Now, the challenge was finding a decent yellow cake recipe. If you’re not gluten free, then I envy you. You can make this dessert with anything, and it will be amazing.

Lucky for me, I found a great recipe that rose beautifully, had a light, fluffy texture, and tasted fabulous!

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting has always been my favorite. I’ve tried a few box mixes and a from-scratch recipe, and none of them cut it. In fact, the storebought mixes were all awful. Yes, even Pamela’s. I’ve tried plenty of good chocolate mixes, but for some reason, yellow cake is tougher to get the light, fluffy texture on.

So, I tried this one from Allrecipes**:


It calls for mayonnaise, which was a little strange, but I am telling you people, it was fantastic. And not just for a gluten free cake, but for any cake. Possibly the best I’ve had in a year and some change of strict gluten free eating.

**A tip on gluten free baking: I read that when making gluten free mixes, you need to beat them longer than a standard recipe. Normally with cake mix, overmixing is bad, because it over activates the starches, and you can end up with a gluey, sticky mess, and an undesirable texture. With gluten free flours, you want to activate those starches to bring out the binding properties, resulting in lighter, chewier texture, more similar to gluten products. So, I just mixed the liquid and dry together (minus the baking soda, baking powder, salt, xanthan gum, mayo, and vanilla), and beat them in three 5 minute intervals for a total of 15 minutes. I waited until there was a noticeable difference in the texture, ie when it started kind of sticking to the blades. That’s the best I can describe it.

Look at the beautiful texture! And I'm telling you, the chocolate Easter eggs at the bottom was a brilliant touch.

In case you were wondering, we did make our own cupcake liners out of parchment paper. I had gathered all the ingredients, and was ready to start cooking when I realized we were out. Luckily, I had remembered one of the first things I’d pinned on Pinterest. It was a tutorial on how to make your own cupcake liners from 2 Little Hooligans. A real life saver!

They were really easy to make. I found a kitchen tool that fit perfectly inside the tin.

Even my 3 yr old made a couple! (*Most* of the stuff on the counter behind him was for the cupcakes.) ;D

There was only 1 problem. When I started pealing the chocolate eggs, I realized that the wrappers were too pretty to throw away!

I WILL be doing an art project with these soon, I promise!

I think you could use just about any leftover Easter candy in this recipe, especially chocolate. If you try any of the recipes or tips here, be sure to let me know! And if you blog about it, add a link in the comments so I can check it out.


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