Epic picture taking

Photographers have all sorts of tricks and tips to taking great pictures of your kids. I’m not saying they aren’t good tips or worthwhile tips, but they are mostly unnecessary when you have a teen who not only thinks this will make a great picture but calls out “mom! mom! Take a picture!”

I've never been more proud.

My two tricks are simple. First, call out a theme. Your location often gives you a theme but sometimes a generic “act like you like each other” will suffice. Second, have children who have little to no shame. See above picture for reference.

When at Dinosaur National Monument, tell the kids “look like you just triumphantly climbed the mountain.” And your picture will look like this.

Can you see all 4 children?

When at the KC Chiefs stadium, say, “show me your game faces!”

They are more intimidating than the Chiefs. I promise you that.

When in New York City, say, “give me your best urban look!”

...and then wonder where your 6 year old learned to throw gang signs

And when at the Steamboat Arabia Museum, a museum devoted to a steamboat that sank in the Missouri River, put your kids in front of the mural of said sinking steamboat and assume they know what to do.

Their expressions say it all.

That’s right, folks. Just train your children from when they’re young to be shameless camera hams and you’ll get some amazing shots. Related side note: they are amazing at charades.

PS Bonus picture! I just got our aquarium pictures uploaded. Obviously, I told them to act like a fish. A friend even got in on the fun!


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