Where are your morels?

I’ve gone morel hunting every year since I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracleabout 3 years ago.

I can't possibly recommend this book more, whether you're interested in any level of homesteading or not.

Until this year, I’ve never had any luck. My husband and my older son Max will usually help, but only for so long. I think they’re jaded. We live on half an acre now, so I really hoped we’d find some in the treed section of our yard, but to my disappointment, we did not.

Well, the other morning, Max and I were taking the dog for a walk. We decided to take a detour in this little wooded area down the street. We’d never explored it before (we only moved in a few months ago). It looked like it was no bigger than someone’s back yard, but after hiking for about 20 minutes, we realized that it went for blocks. Very cool. We even got lost in there when we were trying to find our way back. It made for a great surprise adventure!

Okay, so while we did find our first morel, that was the only one we found, and it was very small. Still, we were thrilled. Neither of us had ever tried one before, so we brought it home, split it in half, cooked it in some butter with salt and pepper until it was crisp around the edges, and savored every last bit.

This is my smallest skillet, an 8 inch. I wanted to feel silly cooking only 1 mushroom, but the truth is, I was drooling unapologetically in anticipation.

Hopefully we’ll have more luck next year.


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