In Transition, aka: Trading Spouses

As some of you have noticed, only two of the Three Blind Wives have been posting lately. Charlie and I like to joke that if we were called the “Three Blind Cannibals”, and only two of us were posting, then it would make perfect sense. Haha. But since we’re not, then we understand that it looks confusing. We’ve all gotten questions from friends and family about what kind of background drama has been going on. The answer is: None. Honestly!

One of our “Wives”, Lindsay, happened to have several life changes occur right at the time we launched our site. Among those changes was procuring a new job as a midwife’s assistant. So, as she was busy saving the world one homebirth at a time, as well as taking classes and raising a toddler, the blog, understandably, began to fall to the wayside.

Lindsay, at her first home birth.

Here’s a note from Lindsay, in her own words:

Although my time here was brief, it has been such fun and I greatly look forward to checking in time to time to share ideas, projects, and thoughts with you all!  I leave you in very capable and talented hands.  Maybe someday when I’m all grown up I will learn how to better manage my time… or maybe not.

“I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything. ” – Dan Millman

We’ll miss having Lindsay on board with us regularly (as we have missed seeing her as much as we used to in real life), but we do look forward to occasional guest posts.

In the meantime, we have recruited a new “Wife”, and we think you’ll like her. She’s another real life friend of ours, Lara. Lara is mom to 3 kids  — artsy college freshman Aubrey, crafting fashionista Jordan, and competitive jumper (as in trampoline) Alex. She works part time in addition to homeschooling her kids. Her family dipped their collective toe into homesteading years ago and keep going deeper and deeper into the chicken-housed, large gardened pool.

Lara runs her own blog called Lara’s Zoo. You’re welcome to head over and check it out. We know she’s going to make a great addition to our blog, and we very much look forward to her posts.


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