Buttons and Bobby Pins

My favorite hair accessories I’ve ever owned are the ones that Lindsay made me for Christmas last year. I wear them all the time. I see Charlie wearing hers all the time, too.

I haven’t made any, though I plan to in the future, so I’m not making a tutorial here. Besides, I was hoping Lindsay would do a tutorial at some point. Perhaps she will.

I do keep seeing them on Pinterest, and I have several friends who have made their own. They seem to be pretty easy. I thought I’d share some pics of mine, and links to a couple tutorials.

Lindsay made my earrings, too, but you can't see them well in this pic. They are incredible!

I usually wear them with a ponytail, but I’ve been using them to hold my bangs back lately, in a little side swoop.

And here's a closeup shot. Ignore the frizz, please.

Here’s a style I’m eyeballing. I saw it on Pinterest for DIY Chanel-inspired pearl hair pins from Honestly Wtf. I just adore them!

How pretty is this? I'll definitely be making some. Click for the tutorial and more pics.

Here’s another tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat:

I love the selection. I think these would be really cute mixed and matched.

Have you made any button bobby pins? Do you just hot glue them, or do you attach them with thread or wire before gluing? Feel free to link to your own pics in the comments.


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