Canvas with Kids

Using the method I did on Canvas #2 and adding in 10 homeschooled kids ages 4-13, we got down with our spray paint selves at my house recently. But I added in the surprise element of contact paper for making shapes and some used that option.

Some of the kids went for sayings straight to the point

What more is there to say?

Some were profound

He got it from Calvin and Hobbes. I expect nothing less from my kid.

And some were… umm… free form

The youngest participant, in case that needed to be clarified.

And some were slightly disturbing

By assassin, he means military sniper. Why it makes me feel better to explain that, I don't know. But it does.

Daniél had the idea to cut out the sticker letters so her son could plan out the layout in advance

Ninja training sign

Some of the class participants started with an old canvas but some painted the background of a new canvas to get the exact look they wanted. They did this with success except in one case. One girl walked in with a painting she did with the intention of covering it up… and I wouldn’t let her. I gave her an old painting I had instead. I mean, really. Look at this.

I just couldn't let her spray paint over this.

After we got the letters on the canvases, a few commented that they looked great with just the black sticker letters. And they did. But we pushed through with the spray paint and when we removed the stickers, we realized that the black letters looked great but the paint-on-paint letters looked AMAZING. Here is a sampling.

We spray painted outside because 10 kids with spray paint in my house? Not going to happen. But while I was walking through the yard with a can of spray paint in my hand I thought, why not?

A strong relationship is about leaving little love notes for each other.


7 thoughts on “Canvas with Kids

  1. Those canvases look great. Sounds like everyone enjoyed the process and will, no doubt, proudly display their art. Love the yard art!

    • I’m hoping to see pictures of the art work in action in everyone’s homes. For us, we have canvases lining the dining room because I can’t figure out where to hang them all up. Xander and Eli are going to have a gallery in their room by the time I burn through all my canvas craft ideas.

    • My youngest son pushed himself to read because he wanted to read Calvin and Hobbes, and I was only willing to read so much of it to him.

      I’m going to be sad to mow away the love note!

    • I didn’t realize I didn’t have a picture of “Babies Rock” until I started writing this post and wanted to include that one. I’m glad they liked the class. We’ve made more since the class as well though I am running out of room for it all.

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