Spring Has Sprung!

It’s Spring!

Last Halloween, I made black bats out of construction paper and decorated my basement wall with them. It was awesome for my mamas-only Halloween party. No, you may not see pictures. I value my friendships far too much and, unfortunately, can’t seem to find a picture of the wall that doesn’t also show a friend I’d like to keep.

This spring, I decided to take the same idea only with butterflies. I was putting off cutting out the butterfly shapes until I was in Target and saw foam butterfly shapes on clearance for a buck fiddy (one dollar and fifty cents for those not down with slang, yo). The plus of the foam over paper is that they’ll last longer. I can put them away with our “seasonal” items and have them next year. The paper bats did not stand up to such treatment.

I glued two together, folded the wings of the top butterfly out and taped them to my dining room wall.

A close up

I like the pop of color and interest they bring to my monochromatic dining room. It’s very much like the daffodils and magnolias. I’ll probably make more and put them in our homeschool/project/all purpose room. Or I’ll throw them on the ground with a handful of markers and a tub of glue and put these children to work.


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