The Last Among Sequels

Bonus points for anyone who got the Jasper Fforde twist on my title.

This is my 3rd and final (for now) canvas upcycle project. The first two are the bejeezused decoupage project and the adorable grandparent canvas. I am stealing this one blatantly from my friend, Lara. You see, Lara views herself as “not crafty.” She says she’s an “ideas” person but needs someone else to realize it. I’m going to twist her arm into guest blogging about her “Monster Book of Monsters” craft one day.

She’s currently working on project to display some keepsakes in her home. She painted the canvases the color of the accent wall in her living room and these will hang on the opposite wall. Excuse my crappy photography. My crappy photography plus her basement lighting = blah.

What a great way to display keepsakes while creating 3D artwork for your walls! She’s going to use burlap as a mat behind the items. Ingenious!

Unfortunately for current me, past me didn’t keep stuff. Past me didn’t buy souvenirs. Past me didn’t know that if I bought that trinket at the gift shop, current me could mount it on a canvas and blog about it!

Nonetheless! I decided to use this idea to make something for my husband. Being the artsy one, he has lots of art supplies that I could repurpose into a wall hanging for him. It would reflect a part of who he is. It hit me to simply use some of his old paint brushes on a gray canvas as a metaphor of his art bringing color to a gray world.

And then I realized that it would cost so much to replace his old, quality paint brushes with new, quality paint brushes that it was the opposite of cost effective to do this project. I try never to stand in the way of metaphor, but I also try never to stand in the way of paying my electric bill. So I went to the craft store and bought new, crappy paint brushes ($5 for a pack of 10) to cheaply embrace the essence of the artist, if not his actual tools.

So I prepped my canvas with paint I used on my kitchen cabinets:

I have artwork to match my kitchen cabinets. Score!

And I used poster paint to color the tips of my new paint brushes to make them look somewhat used.

superfluous faux artsy shot

And then my kids got involved and my metaphor went out the window and now I have a child’s art project instead.

Just what I was going for...


Oh well. You can’t win them all. It’s a cute project though, right? I mean, the kids contributed the bulk of the ideas by simply using my gray canvas and painted paint brushes as a springboard. So basically after I did all the real work, they added some streaks and handprints and called it theirs. That sounds about right.

But the idea was sound and I wanted some decent examples to show you. While my husband won’t actually let me Gorilla Glue his belongings to painted canvas, he did let me place them gently on the canvas so you can get the basic idea. And then I put them safely away before the kids usurped them. As you may have noticed, they’re good at that.

Use your imagination (or Photoshop) and picture the white background a color. The boomerangs on an earthy green, the red and black sticks on a steel gray, and the St. Lucia Day wreath on gold. Actually, I would definitely use the St Lucia Day wreath on a canvas for a seasonal decoration if Eden didn’t need it being the oldest (only) girl child in a Scandinavian-American family.

If I ever make this project for realz — and sans children’s handprints — I will definitely share my results.  Or not. Because there is really no guarantee that mine will look any better than theirs.


2 thoughts on “The Last Among Sequels

  1. I, too, cannot see why children would infiltrate and annihilate an art project. Perhaps next time you could do it at your friends place – she has a handy basement. Super Nanny only doesn’t endorse the ‘Naughty Basement’ for PC reasons. 😀 (seriously, I don’t DO anything arty at home for this very reason- and am trying to make a lockable space from a VERY old caravan so I can!) – and I think this is a great idea. Love the title, too! And the faux arty angled photo that really.. was pretty arty 😀 Thanks for another hilarious read and ideas! 🙂

    • I keep thinking my kids are old enough to not mess with my projects. But instead of just messing with them, they take them over. I have some projects coming up that are kid-inclusive so that should calm them down and let me have space for my own stuff! ~Charlie~

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