Melted Crayon Mobiles

I have a slight addiction to craft books. I love having them around, I love looking at all the beautiful pictures, and occasionally I’ll even do a project from them.

One of my favorite craft books for kids is Rosie O’Donell’s Crafty U. There are so many neat ideas, and my son loves flipping through and choosing a project. Everything we’ve made has been a success.

I decided to do a project called “Sun Catcher Mobiles” for a homeschool co-op class. It’s a really cool project, but I’ll admit that we made a few mistakes figuring it out, so hopefully I can prevent you from doing the same.

1. Shave your crayons. We made a waaaaaaaaay too many crayons. We thought we’d need a lot, but really, you only need one of each color/mobile, if even that. Maybe even half of each color. Since we thought we needed so much, we used my food processor, and possibly ruined it. Don’t do that. Shave them by hand with a cheese grater. It’s good if you can buy an extra, basic cheese grater for craft projects.

You would only need a fraction of this. The shavings look cool though, huh?

2. Place a small amount of shavings on a piece of wax paper. See the pic below for how small an amount we’re talking. It’s smaller than you would think. They melt and spread way out. Plus, you want it spread thin so they’ll catch the light.

We mixed our reds and blues to get a purple.

3. Iron on med-low. Place another piece of wax paper on top, so the shavings are sandwiched between 2 pieces. Then, place a piece of parchment paper on top of the wax paper, so your iron doesn’t come in contact with the wax paper. Iron until the melted crayon is spread as thin as it will go, being careful that it doesn’t ooze out the sides. It’s okay if the edges are a little thick.

This is what you’ll end up with:

This is about a 12x12 sheet of parchment paper. The circles were drawn by the kids. I snagged it for a pic before they could cut it.

4. Cut shapes. Do not peel the wax paper. It holds it all together. Use a hole punch to put holes in the shapes, and attach them by string to your lids.

The book shows only circles in different sizes, but Madison decided to make all different shapes.

The book also suggests using an embroidery ring for the top of the mobile, but I wanted to try to recycle something I already had, so we used old mason jar lids.

Here's Lily with her awesome creation.

I call this melted crayon project a success! It was easy to do (once we figured out we only needed a teeny tiny bit of shavings), and fun, and the end product is pretty cool.

We had a ton of leftover crayon shavings. I think I might keep my eye out for shaped muffin tins, and melt the shavings into new crayons.

Let me know if you make one with your kids!


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