Think Thanks

Have you ever done the social networking “task” of posting something you’re grateful for every day in November leading up to the American Thanksgiving? It’s so freaking hokey!

Naturally, I participate every year. I love the idea of finding something to be grateful for each and every day. Being a bit of an extrovert, I love sharing those thoughts with my Facebook friends. Plus November is an easy month for me — 4 of my favorite people in the whole wide world were born in November (shout outs to Eli, Eden, Nick, and Beth!). And we’re heading into the holiday season, which I LOVE. I love November! What’s not to be thankful for?

Fast forward to this February. My kids were sick, on and off, all month long which wore on my energy reserves. And then it wore on my immune system, and I got sicker than I’ve been in a long time. And then my father-in-law started approaching the end of his battle with cancer, with all the pain and physical weakness that entails. He passed away two days before his February birthday. Instead of celebrating a birthday with him, we were planning his funeral and I was comforting my children. The shortest month of the year seemed like it simply would not end. When exactly was I supposed to feel gratitude in all that?

With much gratitude to Think Thanks and its cofounders – Liz and Chelsea – I was inspired to look for gratitude during one of the hardest times in my life. It made the unbearable actually bearable. Rather than just coping, I was able to find happiness and joy in the midst of my sadness. Don’t get me wrong. I was sad. I am sad. But even in that sadness, I am grateful I have it. I lost someone who mattered in my life, and I am thankful I had him. I’m thankful my kids had him. I’m thankful that a kind and caring father raised my husband. I only get to be sad because I got to be so happy.

Not only does the website talk about why gratitude matters, Liz and Chelsea provide a daily prompt to think towards thanks and encourage readers to post in the comments. It helps me take time out of my day to think about gratitude, and it is downright life affirming to read the positive comments of others. More than a public gratitude journal, it’s a movement — a way of life.

It’s my new favorite blog. Except for Three Blind Wives of course. Check out Think Thanks and join in the movement towards gratitude.


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