Sewing Like a Rockstar

Want to learn how to sew, Daniél style? Here are a few tips:

1. Patterns are for sissies. Eyeball it. If it doesn’t work out, you can always start again from scratch…unless you run out of fabric, then you’re screwed.

2. Your seam ripper is your best friend. Try not to watch tv while using it.

3. If you drop a pin or needle, feel free to finish what you’re doing before you pick it up. It’ll turn up sooner or later.

4. Measure twice, cut once? That’s for your grandmother. When you do it my way, you measure once, cut…twice.

5. And finally, it’s not necessary to finish one project before moving onto the next. You’ll almost certainly get back to those unfinished projects sometime.

No pain, no gain

My husband can corroborate that I don’t just follow the above steps, I live by them. That’s right. I’m a rockstar.


6 thoughts on “Sewing Like a Rockstar

  1. I remember when I was so surprised that the brush thingy that came with my sewing machine opened to reveal a seam ripper. Bonus!

    Will we get to see some of your sewing rockstarness on your blog soon?

    • Haha!

      Yes. I have one scheduled for Friday called “10 Ideas For Using Fabric Scraps”. You’ll see some samples there. I’d love to post it before Friday, but I have to deal with pics and editing, so Friday it is!


  2. Love it! I’ll borrow that term, thanks 😀
    The other advice I got re: patterns (I’m a sissie, but I make my own… and i never measure, I just cut three times instead) was: don’t cut them out on the carpet, unless you want an outfit in fabric,and one in carpet too. 😀

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