Up through the atmosphere

Not all the crafts I do with my kids require instructions or guidance. Or canvases. Believe it or not, for the most part, I just set them loose on our random supplies and occasionally supply a theme. Being March, being warm, and being in the midwest, we have WIND. And being that I’m addicted to shopping at Costco, we also have a new kite. So what’s better than kite flying?! I set them loose on construction paper, straws, tape, and string after a short lesson on aerodynamics and air pressure. I cooked lunch, they made a mess, and then we took the homemade kites that were complete and our store bought kites and tried them out at the park.

Unfortunately, the more intricate homemade kites required more time than we had patience for. We just wanted to get to the park. There were only two finished kites and because I was busy getting lunch ready, I took no pictures of the process. Just imagine straws, paper, and string all over my floor. That’s all the pictures would have shown, if you really were wondering.

We need some theme music. We can’t fly kites without someone in our family (me) singing (belting terribly) this song. Just click play while you read on:

It was so windy today that even Eden’s kite, which was, quite literally, a piece of construction paper with string taped to it, was able to get some air. She clearly didn’t listen to my lesson and neither did the weather because this design? It should not fly.

Kiting 101

And, seeing as it was as windy as it was, I couldn’t help but sing (read: belt out worse than before) the line from OKLAHOMA! OK! “blah, blah, blah wind comes sweeping down the plains blah blah.” Ok, we’re not in Oklahoma but the wind still comes sweeping down the plains. And thank goodness it does or I wouldn’t have these great memories of our windrrific day.

Did I just blend the word “wind” and “terrific” into a made up, cutesy word?! Hanging out with these short people is turning my brain into freaking mush. Scheduling a night out in 3… 2… 1…

At least I got some fun pictures of questionable web quality. And of the back of my kids’ heads.

Annnnnnd it is not until this very moment that I realize I did not get a single picture of Xander flying a kite. Truth be told, I was probably too busy untangling him from the kite strings to snap any pictures.

PS See that highway across the way from the park? That is where our new kite now resides after Eli hurt his hand and let go of the reel, letting the wind take the kite away. It’s nothing another trip to Costco can’t fix…


3 thoughts on “Up through the atmosphere

  1. I love it! Love the kites, and the songs, and the Piece of Paper who Could! Mine flew a kite for the first time 5 months ago..it was awesome. Basically at their ages though, all they are learning is ‘hold on to the string of your kite’ but thats a valuable life lesson. 🙂

    • It’s a lesson my kids still need to learn! Eli let go. It’s a valuable life lesson but so is when your brother, instead of getting mad at you for losing the kite, gives you a hug instead. Trust me, I was shocked as Eli was that he got a hug instead of a scolding from his oldest brother!

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